About Us

Create awareness through Data Optimization
Harness Data to Promote Ethical Behavior

What makes us TIC

  • Transparency: Clear, open, and effective communication to bring clarity, awareness and resolution through Data Mapping, Asset Risk Management and Traceability.
  • Integrity: Wholeness, accountability, and trustworthiness by establishing governance, maintaining compliance, and aligning with regenerative and ethical business practices.
  • Collaboration: Collectively creating interoperable ecosystems through people, process, and technology by utilizing the Unified Enablement Partnership consortium.

Who We Are

BNS is an R&D Data Solutions Provider comprised of Consultants, Analysts, Architects, and Engineers averaging 20 years of experience.

In September 2017, BNS UEP was created in order to empower progress through technology research and development. Firmly rooted in Data democratization, our purpose is to provide solutions that utilize data to break down silos and inform the business decision process. By knowing thy Data, market viability and sustainability can be attained.

Why We Do It

Data reveals everything. We are passionate about how data can be used to improve the well-being of people, save the planet, and enhance decision making processes.


BNS MICRO™ is a methodology and framework rooted in the principles of Agile, NIST, and DGI that enables a logical data process for identifying, correlating, rationalizing, and managing data.

  Model = relationships between various types of data and data sources

  Ingest = targeted data sources into a system or repository

  Correlate = mutual relationships between data sources

  Review = analyze, verify, and validate the results

  Output = results into easily, interpretable visualizations