Our Values

We believe in creating sustainable business practices for our clients and ourselves through Creativity, Transparency, and Horizontal Communication.

Who We Are

In October 2004, about 20 creatives joined forces in Brooklyn, NY as a collective to overcome the barriers of big money corporations and sponsors dictating accessibility and propagation of content. The group consisted of people from various ethnicities, genders, and disciplines. This diversity spawned the culture and values of BNS. These values, which consist of equality, creativity, transparency, and horizontal communication, are the foundational pillars for collaboration, challenging conventional blueprints, and disrupting the market.

Between 2005 and 2017, BNS evolved into a multi-media, technology organization that focused on content creation and distribution. In September 2017, BNS UEP was created in order to empower progress through technology research and development. Firmly rooted in Data democratization, our purpose is to provide solutions that utilize data to break down silos and inform the business decision process. By knowing thy Data, market viability and sustainability can be attained.

Why We Do It

Since we are living in a world filled with data, we believe that data reveals everything there is to know about an organization. Modeling, organizing, and cleansing the data enables:

  1. A lifecycle management program for data inventory, governance, security, and monetization.
  2. Metrics, reporting, and trends based on key risk, performance, and behavior indicators.
  3. Quicker time to value since it informs the decision making process by analyzing and predicting trends relative to market growth and volatility.

How We Do It

Through our MICRO™ methodology and Agile principles, data is modeled, ingested, correlated, reviewed, and visualized while code is propagated to automate and orchestrate applications, products, and workloads.