We are BNS—Building Noble Solutions and strategies for sustainability, technology, performance and operational planning, research and innovation. Our expertise and range of capabilities include the services below.

We are BNS—Building Noble Solutions and strategies for sustainability, technology, performance and operational planning, research and innovation

Data Analytics

Data utilization plays an integral part in driving top-level decision making for enhancing applications, products, operations, and securing intellectual property.

The mass proliferation of data has translated into data silos, where the information is segmented and isolated. Our field research and studies show that organizations are still segmenting business intelligence, application performance, and cyber security data, which makes it difficult to rationalize the data and use it to their advantage. This has made it increasingly challenging and complex for organizations to measure, quantify, and align the value of their data with their applications, products, and lines of business.

We reduce this complexity by creating customized data models to accurately validate and incorporate business logic into data development lifecycle processes. Our approach effectively reduces the time it takes to Discover, Ingest, Cleanse, Classify, and Prioritize Data while providing the following key benefits:

  • Identify and increase monetary value
  • Measure and improve end user experience
  • Tier and manage data relative to the risks

Technology Trend Research

From open source to commercially available tools and everything in between, technology innovation elevates and propels organizations to keep pace with industry trends. However, the process of researching trends, balancing out cost, and determining relevancy and obsolescence, can be time consuming and overwhelming.

Our on-going research of the fast paced world and our deep knowledge of transformative, utopian ideas vs. attainable realities, enables us to quickly and effectively unlock the latest technological possibilities for clients. Our industry insights combined with applied and proven techniques for technology rationalization and optimization translate to:

  • Improved ROI
  • Competitive Business Advantages
  • Relevance and Scalability


In a world where everything is more connected than ever before, choosing the most relevant, scalable, and secure IoT Solution has become increasingly important. The vast array of options can make this process complex and challenging.

We work with clients to design and engineer the ideal customized solutions for Smart Architecture (i.e. working and living spaces) and by making a smart home more efficient and environmentally friendly. Our ecosystem simplifies technology, saving time and resources.

The implementation of responsive and integrative advanced technologies in any space result in:

  • Facilitation of responsive interfaces within a sophisticated and unified network
  • Conducive and sustainable environments aligned with culture, workflow and human necessity
  • Enhanced end user experience, providing technology integrated comfort and energy efficiency

Biometrics Security Management

The co-mingling of personal and professional (corporate) applications has increased the risk and likelihood of passwords being lost, forgotten, stolen, and exposed due to brute force attacks. As a result, biometric technologies such as facial, voice, fingerprint, and palm recognition continue to emerge as securely viable, operationally efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

From password resets and complex policies for vault management to fraudulent and malicious behavior such as identity spoofing, hijacking, and theft, organizations are re-considering their approach and strategy for access and authentication.

This is further compounded by increasing costs for password resets, reliance on trusting the security of third party SaaS vaulting and password management tools, consumer privacy laws, and regulatory and compliance mandates. By fine-tuning the architecture and integrating with the IAM eco-system, we have enabled organizations to achieve the following:

  • Utilize Biometrics for Access and Authentication
  • Improve ROI by eliminating Passwords and Shared Secrets
  • Reduce the likelihood of a Data Breach by protecting the identities


We translate this knowledge to delivering attainable and relevant programs and solutions that are consumable in bite sized chunks and right sized for your environment.

A step by step overview:
  1. Identify current and map to target state
  2. Establish use cases and success criteria
  3. Define data/information sources
  4. Ingest and model data/information
  5. Organize and Classify data/information
  6. Develop UX and Create UI
  7. Life-Cycle Management with UEP (Unified Enablement Partners)
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